Barents Cycling Cup 2016


  1. Stage 01. Luosto. Time Trial, Finland. 23.05.2015
  2. Stage 02. Luosto. Group Race, Finland. 24.05.2015
  3. Stage 03. Vadso. Time Trial. Norway. 13.06.2015
  4. Stage 04. Vadso. Group Race. Norway. 14.06.2015
  5. Stage 05. Nickel. Uphill. Russia 22.08.2015
  6. Stage 06. Nickel. Group Race. Russia 22.08.2015
  7. Stage 07. Zapolyarnyi. Group Race. Russia 23.08.2015

General Classification Barents Cycling Cup 2015


12, 14, 16, 18, Elite, 40, 50, 60

Winner of every competition gets 10 points, second 9 points, third 8 points and so on. Everyone
who gets result gets at least one point. Points will be calculated together and the winner of every
class is competitor who has got most points. Only points from 5 best competitions will be calculated
Prize ceremonies:
Prizes of the Barents Cup 2015 will be dealed after the last competiton in Kola. 3 bests of
every class will get prizes. To get the prize of Barents Cup competitor must participate and get
points at least from three of these competitions.


*shedule may be changed in the season, stay tuned

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